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John Keats Love Letter

"Experience the Romance of the South
with a Wonderful and Relaxing Massage"

What a wonderful way to complete a busy day of your vacation.  After enjoying some of the location attractions or hiking and sharing our picnic basket, head back to your cabin or room and experience the ultimate in relaxation with a massage of your choice.  After your massage, enjoy one of our delicious dinners to complete a perfect day in the Smokies.  The homemade lasagna dinner is full cooked.  Just heat and eat!

Swedish Relaxation Massage
This massage uses specific strokes to have a therapeutic benefit.  It includes long strokes and kneading to help you relax while promoting health and well being.  This blend of smooth relaxing strokes, moderate pressure and gentle, fluid motions is great for relieving fatigue and tension.  Romantic and Relaxing Couples Massage in the Privacy of Your Rental Cabin, Hotel or Condo RentalSwedish massage is designed to have a relaxing effect without working the muscles too vigorously.
$85 / 1 Hour
$125 / 1.5 Hours

Side-by-Side Couple's Swedish Massage
Two therapists provide the same wonderful massage described above for the both of you.
$170 / 1 Hour

Deep Tissue Massage to Release Tension and Relax

Deep Tissue Massage
(Also known as Trigger Point and Neuromuscular Massages)
A deep tissue massage is a strong, vigorous massage used to release tensions, eliminate pain and relax tight muscles.  The pressure is moderate to firm and consistent; great for releasing those "knotted up" areas.
$95 / 1 Hour
$145 / 1.5 Hours

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage for a Romantic Retreat in the Smoky Mountains
This is a relaxing massage that uses deep heat therapy and universal energy.  Smooth stones are heated and incorporated into your full body massage using rhythmic flows.  This is a deeply centering therapy which brings about intense calm and sense of peace and tranquility.  The warmed riverbed stones glide across your body with the help of natural essential oils, soothing the nervous system, clearing toxins, and gently balancing your body's energy.  The stones relax and smooth the muscles and dissolve away stress and knots.  This therapy has a sedative effect on the nervous system.  This is a very enchanting massage to pamper you and melt the cares of the day.
$145 / 1.5 Hours

If This Will be Your First Massage

On the day of your massage, you will be asked to complete the health intake form. Your massage therapist will go over the form with you to make sure we can safely offer you a massage.

What to Expect During your First Swedish or Therapeutic Massage

You will receive your massage on a comfortable massage table in your cabin, chalet or out on the balcony. The therapist will leave the room while you undress (to your comfort level), then you'll slip between soft sheets and settle in for your massage. The session begins with warm up strokes to the back and neck area. In an hour long session, you will be approximately 30 minutes on your stomach and 30 minutes on your back. One limb at a time is uncovered, leaving the remainder of your body securely and warmly covered. Please be sure to tell the therapist if you are too warm or cold, or if the pressure is comfortable or not.  It is the intention to provide the best possible massage experience for you.

At the end of the session, the massage therapist will step out again for your privacy.

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