Ideas for Romance


Ideas to Spark Romance!

Write a song and sing it to your partner.  Especially if you can’t sing, they’ll know you aren’t embarrassed to show your love.

~ Get bath crayons or tub paint and leave little love notes all over tub walls or shower tiles.

~ Put a dozen roses in the shower and leave a trail of candy kisses from the front door to the shower.  When your partner follows the trail, tell them that the time you’ve had together has been wonderful, and now that you’ve kissed the ground they walk on and showered them with roses, you hope it will last forever.

~ Write “Now you can see why I love you so much” with either lipstick or a sticky note on a mirror.

~ Fill a fish bowl with gold fish crackers and insert a note: “You’re not the only fish in the sea, but you’re the only fish for me!”

~ Order some postcards featuring your vacation destination. Send them a postcard every few days before leaving for your trip with notes about how great it is going to be and what you are going to do for/to them while you’re there.

~ Fill your Jacuzzi tub, surround it with lit candles, add a few rose petals and float a message in a bottle containing your handwritten love letter.

~ Plan a romantic picnic with your partner’s favorite foods and drink, a pillow and blanket, and a book by their favorite author. You can read aloud or just relax while they enjoy their book.